Sunday, July 02, 2006

Yarns for Fair

One of the areas I enter things at the fair is Hand spinning. There are several areas that you can enter. Wool, mixed fibers, non-wool, and novelty. Above are the yarns I have ready for non-wool and novelty. The camel colored yarn is alpaca. It's a worsted weight yarn and there is about 174 yards. I think I'm getting better spinning the finer fibers. Of course, one reason that for the class I took from Carol H. Rhoads. One thing I like to do is shop on ebay for different rovings. The thick and thin yarn I spun is one of those cases. I bought this 2 oz. bit of roving and spun it thick and thin, I then plied it with some size 30 tatting thread that I had. This thick and thin is a bulky weight and is about 95 yards. I think there will be enough to make a scarf. When I get to it of course. The final one is for the mixed fibers. I bought this roving at the Snake river Fiber festival in May. It's a wool/ tencil blend. I just love the colors I think I have about 200 yards and its about a DK weight. Almost all my yarns are a 2 ply once in a while I do make a 3 or ever a 4 ply, but these are all 2 plys

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