Sunday, July 02, 2006

What I have been up to

I know it has been a long time since I have updated my blog. Please forgive me as I have been having tons of fun with my new Fricke spinning wheel and all my knitting. At this time of year, I begin to move into high gear as fair is on its way. Each year, I enter as many things as I can. My daughters are 4Hers and we attend the first 5 days of the Western Idaho State Fair.This year, the fair begins on August 18th and runs through the 27th. On the last day we are there, which is Tuesday, the fair office pays out any prize money that you may have won. So we as a family take my prize money and eat that night at the fair. Some years we eat well and other years we share plate of Loaded fries. So for the next few blog entries I will be showing you what I have ready or are in the middle of finishing up for the fair. I usually enter in a few areas: knitting, crocheting, hand spinning and some in needlepoint. To start off, I have had so much fun with my spinning wheel. If you have been thinking of learning to spin, but the cost of a wheel has kept you from getting started, by all means pick up a drop spindle or a lower cost wheel. The Fricke is a very low cost wheel. I saved up & paid $275 for mine and it is well worth it. This is a picture of some of the yarns I have spun on the Fricke in the past couple of months.

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