Thursday, December 30, 2010

New sock yarn

I know I have talked about how great Spunky Eclectic fiber  of the month club is.
 I think I have been a member from the start. So for quite some time I have gotten some really cool fibers. December 2010 was no exception. This month was called David's gift and it was 4 oz. of super wash Corriedale. The color progression was really neat. They were very long and very earthy. David for those who don't know lives in Australia  so these colors really speak of the area. When I first saw it I knew it was destine to be socks. So what I did was split the roving down the middle and spin two separate bobbins of yarn. I then chain plied each bobbin to come up with about 300 yards of 3 ply which is great for long wearing socks.
I haven't decided on a pattern yet for the socks, but I am thinking about something lacey. I would love any ideas.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A little bit of knitting and a little bit of spinning well sort of

Even though its the busy season I have been able to get a few things done.

First up a Hemlock tam. This was the Oct. 2010 Fondle this spinning kit. The yarn is 100% Cormo. Which is one of my favorite breeds of fleece.  The good news it does fit.
Love it.

Then I did some spinning type of things. OK so I got my Abby on. At my spinning group's Christmas party we have a fibery white elephant gift exchange and I usually end up with something fun. This year was no different. I came home with a basket full of assorted fibers, in all kinds of jewel tone colors. There really wasn't enough of one thing to make a project with, so I ran it all through the drum carder and this is what came out. It was mostly wool but there was some nylon, and I added some angora and glitz for good measure.

The year of Fiber

I know its been a really long time I stopped to post what's been going on in Idaho. To say a few things have been going on is an understatement. So here it goes in a nut shell-

In July hubby was laid off with a whole bunch of other Americans and he is still looking for a job. So to say the fiber buying has slowed is another understatement.

I found a job as a part time lunch lady. I really like it and the pay isn't all that bad. I work 3 hours a day at a really fun school and work with some really fun people.

I haven't been teaching knitting or spinning classes for the months of Nov. and Dec. I am not sure if I will be going back to the yarn store in the new year.

Of course we have been busy with kids and all their events, parties and games.

Now that Christmas is over its now time to start to think about goals for next year. I am taking a page from the Knitmoregirls and came up with a theme for the year . 2011 is going to be the year of fiber. I have been teaching crocheting, knitting, and spinning for over 18 years, which means I have spent most of the time working on samples or thinking about each project I have worked on as possible class. Well this next year I want to work on whatever I feel like. Design some, make things for the fun of it not just for a purpose. In other words have fun again.

So here are my goals for 2011 in no particular order.

1.Keep a journal on what I make and finish so that at the end of the year I can look back and see how productive I have been.

2.Get back to my fleece study. I started it last year and had to stop to work on other things.

3.Do a much better job of keeping up with my blog , facebook and twitter. As I have sent it up I will have family stuff on facebook, so that the family will see I'm not dead but just busy. Twitter will be where I talk about my daily fibery things and this blog will be were I post pic's and other information about projects and events I attend this year.
 ( by the way I am yarnsnthreads on twitter)
 4. Read through the Bible in the year.

5. Do some type of giving back each month. Over the past few month we have been so blessed by all the giving we have received that I really want to give back to others.

6. Get healthy again. The stress of having hubby out of work has caused me to stress eat so I have not felt as well as I should and can so I want to eat better, exercise and generally feel batter. Loosing a few pounds would be a bonus.

7. Learn to weave.

As you can see I have all kinds of things planned for the new year. So please stop back by and see what happening.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

My Black Sheep odyssey- part 1

On June 17th I left Boise for the Black sheep gathering in Eugene Oregon. This was my first trip to the gathering after years of hearing how wonderful an event it was I decided that this was the year. I was not disappointed. Over the next few posts I will talk about what I saw, learned and bought. Then I will talk about the next two week that I spent in Oregon.
On the 17th the plan was to have everyone that was in our group meet at my house at 8 AM. because I live so close to the freeway. The trip normally takes about 8 hours. Ours took much longer and for half the group it really was an odyssey. There were 4 in our little group, two in each car. Well my ride arrived on the dot of 8, the other two not so much. So we waited and waited and waited. Thankfully we live in an age of cell phones, so a call was made. The hold up? a bad zipper on a suitcase. We will be there in a minute. So we waited and waited. they must have gone on with out us, so lets go and catch up to them on the freeway.
The trip began.
Now I have been to many fiber fairs and events with my car partner so we got into the rhythm of the drive. Surely we will meet up with them in Burns. Not so much. After another cell phone call with no answer, we figured we would meet up with them in Bend, so off we went again.
On the drive finally a call from car number 2. We are a bit behind you we will meet in Sisters at the Stitching post. We must be ahead so why not stop at Trader Joe's and eat lunch. By the way the Cesar chicken wrap was wonderful.
At the stitching post another cell call. We are a bit lost we will meet up with you in Eugene.
A small note about the Stitching post. If you ever get the chance to visit do stop. If you are a quilter you will love it, if you are a knitter you will love it, if you are a gardener you will love it. I did happen to see the newer book The Alchemy of color by Gina Wilde, and low and behold I am in the credits as part of the knitting team. Way cool. So if you have the thought to give it a look over there are some great patterns.
So after many many miles several stops and a few phone calls car one arrives at the fair grounds at about 5PM one hour later then planned, but after all we did spend an hour at the Stitching post waiting for car number 2.
Well lets go find the hotel I will be staying in with those in car number 2. When we arrive a call comes in from car number 2. We just got to Sisters, go ahead and check in. We will be there soon. Yea right. So off to diner car number 1 goes. The good food was great had a bit of trouble with figuring out where and what to recycle. Back to room to rest and wait for car 2 to arrive.

10:30 Car two arrives. Oh what a day they had seen way more of Oregon then first planned Baker City was not in the original plan, but still nice to see. Pooped! So off to sleep and wait for the gathering to begin.

Cryptic post card arrives at my house days later, family confused. It seems Lewis and Clark have gotten a bit off track and will see me in Eugene. Thank goodness The real Lewis and Clark didn't get so lost and we can all see the humor in having to wait for the gas truck to stop and gas up car number 2. And the Black sheep gathering hadn't even begun. More to follow.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Just a Civil War weekend

So this last weekend, well Thursday through Saturday the Idaho Civil War Volunteers went to Eagle Island State park for an encampment. On Thursday and Friday we invited area 5th grade classes to come out and see what it was like to live and fight during the Civil war. We had what I would guess some where in the neighborhood of 4200 people come through. On both Thursday and Friday it was very cold so cold that I could barely get my fingers to work. My part in the encampment is to teach people what it was like to make their own cloths and fabrics with the spinning wheel. On Thursday and Friday because we had about 3000 kids we had 10 minutes with each group so I would hold a tin cup of hot water to warm my fingers so that I could show them how my spinning wheel works. It was great fun but I have to say I am still a bit tired from the weekend. By the way I really like how this picture came out of me standing on a hill in the park. I edited out most of the modern parts, as you can see it was windy but I do look skinny don't I.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March in with spring yarns

Well for most of the US spring is here. In Boise its raining but I'm not surprised as long as I have had kids going to school we have had a rainy spring break,which is this week. One good thing about it being rainy outside I have more time to spin and knit. I have been working on socks , socks and more socks of late. I am also working on basic fingerless mitts. The reason, I'm getting great for our annual Civil war reenactment, that is coming at the end of April. Each year we set up a camp in a state park just out side Boise and invite 5th grade classes from the area to come and see what life was like during the Civil war. My husband is the Blacksmith and I am the resident spinner and knitter. Last year we had 2700 5th graders come and visit us on the last Thursday and Friday of April. This year I think there will be something like 3500 5th graders. We also encamp on Saturday where we invite the public to come and see what it was like to live during the war. This year I plan to sell socks, mitts and shawls that might have been used during the war. So I am knitting like crazy to get some stock ready.
I have been taking a bit of a break here and there from knitting to do some spinning and this is some of the fruits of my labor. The roving is this month's fiber from Crown Mountain Fibers. Its Shetland and I love the colorway, Bannockburn. I can't tell you how wonderful the fibers have been from Crown Mountain and I highly recommend all their fibers.
Again my plan for each month's fiber is to spin a light weight 3 ply so that I can knit socks with each hank. I want to see which breed of sheep will wear better for socks. I'm tyring to spin about the same yarn for each. They are all chained plied and this month I got 288 yards. So far I have been able to keep up with the spinning but I have yet to knit any into socks. I'm hoping I can get started in a month or so, but we will see.
I have also signed up for a couple of classes at the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugine Oregon in June. I am really looking forward to learning some new things. I am taking a class on dyeing with mushrooms and spinning angora. There are 4 of us going together this year. One is a teacher and has been to a few herself. Us other three have never been and we can't wait. So now you know why I'm knitting a ton of basic socks so that I can hopefully save some pennies and add to the stash at Black sheep.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

How to knit a love song.....

OK so I am a real nut sometimes. Today is a perfect example. I herd that Rachael Herron of the blog fame was coming to Boise to do a book signing for her first book How to knit a love Song. So I went as fast as I could to amazon and ordered the book so that I could read it in plenty of time before she was going to be here, so that I could maybe sound a bit smart as I met her. Well She came to Boise today at a local yarn store called Fuzz. But like most things the timing was terrible. She was at the store at 2PM when I am stuck in my car picking up kids from school. So I wasn't able to go meet her. So now you are asking how the heck did I get her picture. Well I hurried up and read the books so my friend Lynn could take it to the store and get it signed for me. What's even better she did. Oh yea! So I'm not sure who was more nuts me or my friend. Oh well. I really did want to meet her but I figured it was better to go pick up the kids instead.
I do want to tell you all that I did read the book and really did enjoy it. I'm not much for reading romance novels, OK so I really would rather read a good mystery, but once in awhile I do need to branch out. Most romance books have the same old form and there really isn't much of a story to it but I did find that Rachael has a story with romance in it instead of romance with a bit of story,
As a long time mystery reader I did see some of the events coming in the story, but that's OK. I don't want to ruin the story for you but I can spend hours thinking about what it would be like to find I am now a owner of a house full of wool and spinning wheels. If only I knew someone who would leave all that to me. Oh well, I guess I will have do my own collecting.
If you get a chance to ready How to Knit a love song by Rachael Herron please do I think you will enjoy it as much as I did. She will have two more books coming in this series and I can't wait to read them. By the way Racheal has a pattern at the end of the book that is a huge part of the story which I think I will have to knit. I love a good gansey, now I have to figure out if I will make it for me or the DH.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

With spring come thought of fiber

Its hard to believe that spring is just around the corner, well at least in some places around the US it is. I can't really complain a whole lot as Boise has had a very mild winter. We did get about an inch and half of snow last Saturday but on the whole not much. I think we are in for a long hot dry summer. But lets think of the coming spring. I really enjoy spring time for several reasons. First its the season that my birthday fall in. I do also enjoy all the new growth, as plants break through the grown with promise of beauty to come. Its also the time when sheep get sheered and fleece come available to all us spinners. So my thoughts are beginning to go to what fiber fair to attend what fleece to look for. I am planning on attending the Black sheep gathering in Eugene Oregon this year for the first time. I have always wanted to go even as a teen living in Oregon but for some reason or other I never went. I will be attending with two other friends who have never been either. We can hardly wait. Sign up for classes is coming soon so I will update on what classes I get into.

Spring is also a time for me to start thinking about what plants do I want to try to grow. This year my focus is more on to dye plants. One of my things to try this summer is to dye with natural dyes. So I am planning to grow goldenrod, weld, and maybe a few others. Of course I have all kinds of grand idea until it get to be around 100 degrees and then I totally forget about it. Maybe this year will be different.

What are your plans for spring and planting?

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Do people really think?

I sometimes wonder if people really think, or has greed just taken over. I have been watching ebay as people have been bidding on vintage weave-it looms. On a normal day you should be able to pay anywhere from 5 to 10 dollars. But because Interweave press magazine Piecework has an article on the weavette looms. Everyone seems to be going crazy. They are now selling for over $200. Yes I did say dollars. Are you all crazy or do you think you can get your money back.This really isn't the way to save for retirement you know. I have been told that if I wait for a few months I will once again be able to pay near the 5 and 10 dollar range. So I will wait. Its like the Beanie babies all over again. In the mean time I visited a local antique store and found this today. Now its not a Donnor Weave-it loom but the idea is the same.
Along with the loom it came with the box, a pattern book, some squares already woven, 41 to be exact, extra yarn to sew them together. A letter letting the owner know that a certain color of wool was not longer available. The letter was dated March 31 1954
The bag of goodies were for sale for 8 dollars and it was even on sale so the final price was $6.29. yes six dollars and 29 cents. That's what everyone should be paying not $200. I'm just saying.

Monday, March 01, 2010

I am Golden! I almost feel Canadian

The Ravelympics are now over and I am GOLDEN, and yes I almost feel Canadian. Wasn't that the best Olympics in a long time. It was so great to spin and knit and watch all the great competition. I do feel a bit sorry for the Russians they really didn't do all the well did they.
As for me at this Olympic competition I was able to win or I would more say earn three Gold medals.
The first medal I won was the Flying Camel Spin and I have to say I really feel like I was flying there for a bit. I spun 1700 yards of a 3 ply in Shetland roving that I got from a friend of mine. It took me 6 days to spin and ply all the yarn and then set the twist. I bought a bulky flyier for my Sonata thinking it would help me ply faster. The flyier arrived on Wed. right when I had finished up the last bobbin of singles. There was a bit of a mishap. I received the bulky bobbin, the piece to hold the flyier in place but by some odd reason ( Maybe it was from an opposing team) I received a regular flyier. But never fear I decided to forge ahead and use the regular flyer to continue to ply. By the way the Bulky flyier arrived on the day I cast off the sweater. ( definitely a plot to slow me down from an a opposing team)
The second medal was for the not only spinning but knitting a sweater. My Fleece to FO ( Finished Object) was this cardigan. Even though it was a fairly easy knit it was all garter stitch. I have to say it got a bit boring on the light color parts. Once I was at the color changing and the shaping it got more interesting.
I have to add a close up of the sheep buttons. I think they make the sweater. I finished the sweater and had it on the dining room table drying on Thurs. the 25. About a hour before the bulky flyier came. Oh well. I think I know how Apollo Ono might feel. Did he nor did he not get cheated out of the 500m race. He didn't make that guy fall. Not to say the South Koreans pushed China out of the way for the silver in the relay. OK I get off that soap box.
For my last event I entered the Hat half pipe. The reason My husband has a friend who is battling most likely for the last time cancer. Her name is Beth so I'm sure she would love all the prayers she can get. The pattern comes from the Spin Off web site and is turning into one of my favorite hat patterns. The yarn is I love this cotton from Hobby Lobby. Which is a new store to the Boise area. I have herd so much about how great Hobby Lobby is for years. I am so pleased that they just opened a store in past few weeks here in the Boise area. As far as I can see the yarns that they have seem pretty nice for basic low cost yarns. I plan to try their wool yarn on a hat to see how it holds up. Not to worry I don't plan to start knitting and crocheting with acrylic any time soon. I still am a yarn snob but it is still OK to find new basic yarns. The more options the better I say. My family says I have yet to find a yarn I don't like. Well I can only think of one. I really hate Lion Brand Homespun. To expensive for crappy yarn that falls apart while you knit or crochet with it. I will get off my soap box for now.
I hope if you entered the Ravelympics you were able to gain GOLD if not the summer Olympics are just 2 years away, so start planning now.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

1 Back 1 Gold and next 2 sleeves

Well I have received my first GOLD in the Ravelympics for spinning this!

So I am on to the knitting. As of Saturday night I have finished the back. I really love how the color progression is working out.

Next I plan to do the sleeves. When I knit a sweater that has to be sewn up I usually really hate the sleeves. Not sure why I just do. So this time I'm thinking if I do them next I will knit them faster and then when I get to the two fronts I will be excited for the finish.
So far I am a bit ahead of where I want to be so as long as there isn't any energies I should be able to finish in time. So far I have had some serious shoulder pain while I was spinning. Its better now but I am being more careful to take breaks in the knitting.
Stay tuned.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Let the knitting begin!

OK so I have been spinning like a mad woman. As you know I am working on a sweater for my Ravelympic's project. During the opening ceremonies I started to spin a huge mount of Shetland roving. I ended up with 13 skeins of 3 ply yarn at 11 wpi which is exactly what the pattern calls for. So last knight I cast on and cast on and cast on. Well it really took 4 tries to get the right gauge and size that I wanted. I am at gauge but it way to big so now I am knitting at the same gauge but making a much smaller size, which in turn is turning out to be the size I need. Stay tuned.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Monthly fiber clubs part two

So today I thought I would post pictures of some of the fibers that I have been spinning. This first one is a new fiber for me to try. Falkland. Until this came in the mail I had never even herd of this. basically its fiber from sheep that are on the Falkland islands. Its a very soft fiber and it was a real joy to spin. I would say its very similar to Merino. Crown Mountain Farms sent this back in January. They send what they call pencil roving. Which means its thinner they average roving which of course makes it easier to spin. The color way is called Awakenings. I started spinning on Jan. 1 and a spin in at a friends house. I am trying to use each of the Crown Mountain fibers to make socks this year as its time for some new socks. I chained plied it or you might no it as Navajo plied. Which by the way is not how the Navajo ply their yarns, so I think there is an effort to change the name to chain plied which it what it is anyway. It came out to 264 yards and its about a sport weight.
This one is the February Crown Mountain Fiber of the month. This is again a new fiber to me called Finn although I have herd of it before I haven't had a chance to spin any. This is a nice fiber and its not as soft as the Falkland but its still soft. I think it would work great for sweaters.
The colorway is called Shiva/shake. I again chained ply it and it came out to 348 yards and its a thicker fingering weight. Just perfect for socks. Now I just have to get to knitting. Maybe after the Ravelympics are over.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crown Mountain Fibers oh my!

So this year I was able to subscribe to a couple of fiber clubs and I thought I would talk a bit about them the first one is Spunky fiber club. Although its not really new to me as I have been getting the fiber for years and years. I do really love this one as I never know what I am going to get and I don't know what the colors will be. You can still sign up for it by googling spunk fiber club.

Again this year I was able to sign up and pay for the Fondle this fiber club. I really like this one because not only do you get the fiber but also a pattern for each month. So you get enough fiber to knit whatever the project is. I really love Susan's colorways. I think you can still also sign up for this one too. Google Fondle this fiber club and you can go from there.

The last one is Crown Mountain Fiber club. I met the owner of Crown Mountain at SOAR and just love now only their colorways but their attitude. So far I have loved everyone I have gotten. This one you will get 4 ounce of a different breed of sheep which is fun because some of the ones that are coming up are new to me.

As I complete the month's fibers I will post pic of them. So far I have spun but haven't knit the Fondle this for Jan. its a great pattern but I just haven't had the time to get all the knitting done. I am hopeful I can finish it this next week.

I have been able to spin both Jan. and Feb. Crown Mountain fibers. My plan is to knit socks with the yarn. Because the colorways are so cool I am thinking they will be basic vanilla socks, but we will see. I will post about them later.
I also am working on a fleece study. I have over 50 different wool and other fibers that I plan to work on throughout the year. So be on the lookout for both the fiber clubs and the fleece study.

Get Ready for some Spinning!!!!!

I know I haven't been blogging much of late. There are a couple of reasons why. First my computer was beginning to slowly die. So it was really hard to get a whole lot done on it. Second my camera died right after I got back from SOAR, so I couldn't add any pictures. Well I am happy to say I have both a new computer and a new camera. Now the hard part learning how to use them. I don't have much time as its about time for the Ravelympics to start.
For those who don't know what that is. Its a group of people who plan to either knit, spin , crochet or weave during the Winter Olympics. As you know they start this Friday night.Yikes. My local knitting guild is also holding a contest and party. This Friday we as a group will meet at one of our local Knit shops and watch the opening ceremonies and cast on whatever project we choose. There will be some great prizes for those who are able to complete the project that they chose to knit. There are also tons of prizes that will be given away on the ravelympics forum pages on Ravelry.

So what project have you chosen do you ask?
Well I plan to spin and knit a cardigan. Yea I know I'm crazy, but if you have been reading this blog for a while you already know that. I was able to barder some wonderful shetland roving from a girl friend. She has her own shetlands and I have been wanting to spin some of it for a while now. I love the natural colors.

I think the dark, medium and light shades are just wonderful. I have been wanting to knit this cardigan for a long time. As a matter of fact the pattern comes from Ashford's yearly magazine called Wheel. This pattern in in the 2006 issue. Its a simple garter stitch pattern and I think the knitting will go fast.

I also have some really cool sheep buttons that I plan to use for the cardigan. You will have to wait to see what they look like.
This past week I started on sampling. I spun a 3 ply light worsted weight yarn and was able to get perfect gauge.

I can hardly wait to get started. I haven't been knitting all that much because I don't want to get into something big because starting on Friday 6 PM Mountain time I will get started on this project. I figure I will have one week to do all the spinning and then a week to get all the knitting done so that I can sew up the cardigan during the closing ceremonies on the 28th. I will keep you all posted on how I do.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What to do when you don't have enough

I'm sure at some point in planning for a project you have come across this problem. Where you have the perfect color yarn or some handspun that you think will make a great sweater but you don't have the amount of yarn that the pattern calls for. Case in point. I have been working on the Oatmeal cardigan from Spin Off winter 09. Well I bought 2 pounds of Romeny wool, spun it into a wonderful 3 ply. By the way I spun it by using the on the fold method. Which is were you take a lock of fiber and fold it over your fiber finger and spin from that. It is a great way to spin as it adds softness and loft to your yarn. Anyway when I had finished spinning I ended up with 1200 yards. Which was great however, the pattern called for 1550 on a size 6 needle.

By the way there are two reason I didn't have enough yarn for the project, both being my stupidity and not the pattern. First I bought 2 pounds of RAW wool. I forgot to take into account that there would be loss in the processing. You can expect to lose up to 1/3 in cleaning and preparing the fleece to spin. Also I didn't read through the pattern all the way. The directions called for a pound and half for the small and 2 pounds for a XL. So I really should have bought 2 and half pounds to insure I had enough. I would like to think I don't do this again but I can promise I won't do it in the near future, anyway.

So the question is what can I do. I really like the yarn and its the color I wanted, can I make it work? The answer is YES you can. So here is what I did. I moved up 2 needles sizes to an 8 and knit and smaller size. I wanted to end up with a size 40-42 which was the XL ( By the way I don't think a 42 is an XL but that is here nor there. But by using a larger needle and making the 38 I ended up with a sweater that fits and I even had an extra ball of yarn left over. There are a couple of things that you will need to know when you give this a try.

First off you still need to make a gauge swatch as a matter of fact make sure you make at least a 4 inch square one. Don't cheat and make an inch or two. The reason is you really want to know how the fabric feels. Is it too loose? Can you see through the fabric or do you like how it feels.

Also when you are knitting a pattern that you have changed the needles size be sure to knit the length for the size you are shooting for. For example. In this pattern the XL called for me to knit the body 14 inches long and the sleeves 18 inches. The size small called for a couple of inches shorter. I knit my sweater 14 inches long and the sleeves as for the longer size too.

Another thing you need to think about it if your pattern has a cable or color work in it be sure to knit a sample to make sure the cable isn't to loose to show up like you want and also in the case of color work the stranding from behind doesn't show through.

Now for a bit more info on the sweater. I was really worried through out that I wouldn't have enough yarn but like I said I ended up with about 150 yards left over. I did change things a bit. I didn't want to do buttons because I usually don't button a cardigan anyway so I added a metal frog. Now when looking at the picture its not the best as a matter of fact its terrible. I had to use my camera from my phone to take the picture and the true color doesn't show up. The Romeny fleece was a medium grey and I over dyed it dark blue. So in real life the frog doesn't stand out as much in this picture. I had to lighten so that you could see it. My regular camera crapped out a couple of months ago and I haven't had the funds to buy a new one yet. I am really happy with how this cardigan turned out. Its the size I wanted, you can see the cable really nicely and the sleeves are long enough.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year Goals

I really didn't wait until now to make up my 2010 goals. I made my list on Jan. 1 and I am happy to say I am still working on all of them. Now not all my goals are fiber related nor are they all self improvement either. So with out more a due here's the list in no particular order.

1. loose 40 pounds by summer. ( the real goal is to where a pair of capris I bought 5 years ago and have never been able to fit into, This is the year.)

2. Read through the Bible in a year. Daughters number 1 and 2 are also reading along with me and several ladies on Pacific NW Christian Needle Crafters which is an email group on Yahoo groups.

3. List a blessing each day.

4. Buy NO yarn. ( Yea I know that one sounds crazy but I really have so much that has been waiting for me to get to , so this is the year)

5. Attend at least one Fiber fair.

6. Open a Etsy store. ( I have some ideas in the works already so look for more on that )

7. Learn to use natural dyes

8. Try to grown cotton and flax. ( this one will be hard as I have no green thumb)

9. Create a sweater. ( more about this one is coming)

10. Knit a Christmas afghan and new ornaments for this years tree.

11. Spin a fleece study. More about this one later this week.

I usually try to stick to 10 goals for the year but this year is a bit different. I have some other things I want to do this year and will be coming in late weeks and months. One thing I want to do is make this blog more educational instead of like so many that drone on about what new yarn was bought or see what I have. So look for a bit of a different tone to this blog in the coming weeks and months. So that's about it for the goals of 2010. Can you believe its already mid Jan 2010.