Saturday, February 20, 2010

1 Back 1 Gold and next 2 sleeves

Well I have received my first GOLD in the Ravelympics for spinning this!

So I am on to the knitting. As of Saturday night I have finished the back. I really love how the color progression is working out.

Next I plan to do the sleeves. When I knit a sweater that has to be sewn up I usually really hate the sleeves. Not sure why I just do. So this time I'm thinking if I do them next I will knit them faster and then when I get to the two fronts I will be excited for the finish.
So far I am a bit ahead of where I want to be so as long as there isn't any energies I should be able to finish in time. So far I have had some serious shoulder pain while I was spinning. Its better now but I am being more careful to take breaks in the knitting.
Stay tuned.

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