Thursday, February 11, 2010

Monthly fiber clubs part two

So today I thought I would post pictures of some of the fibers that I have been spinning. This first one is a new fiber for me to try. Falkland. Until this came in the mail I had never even herd of this. basically its fiber from sheep that are on the Falkland islands. Its a very soft fiber and it was a real joy to spin. I would say its very similar to Merino. Crown Mountain Farms sent this back in January. They send what they call pencil roving. Which means its thinner they average roving which of course makes it easier to spin. The color way is called Awakenings. I started spinning on Jan. 1 and a spin in at a friends house. I am trying to use each of the Crown Mountain fibers to make socks this year as its time for some new socks. I chained plied it or you might no it as Navajo plied. Which by the way is not how the Navajo ply their yarns, so I think there is an effort to change the name to chain plied which it what it is anyway. It came out to 264 yards and its about a sport weight.
This one is the February Crown Mountain Fiber of the month. This is again a new fiber to me called Finn although I have herd of it before I haven't had a chance to spin any. This is a nice fiber and its not as soft as the Falkland but its still soft. I think it would work great for sweaters.
The colorway is called Shiva/shake. I again chained ply it and it came out to 348 yards and its a thicker fingering weight. Just perfect for socks. Now I just have to get to knitting. Maybe after the Ravelympics are over.

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