Friday, October 23, 2009

Already to SOAR

Well I am just about all packed and ready to leave to SOAR. I won't be leaving until Sunday morning but tomorrow is going to be crazy to the only time I have to pack was tonight. I have been saving so that I could add to the stash. I am happy to say I have not bought any yarn or fiber for months. May to be exact. Until today. I bought a used folding wheel. I will pick it up on Sunday night when I get to SOAR. I don't plan to use it in class but I will spin on it at night. I can hardly wait to get there and get to spinning. I haven't sat at my wheel for three weeks. I know I know but its been so busy here that I didn't have time. It did get a really nice clean and wax though. She looks like is as ready to leave as I am. I am planning on updating my blog as much as I can. I'm not sure if I can while I am SOAR ( I refuse to take a computer to a retreat) but I will update when I get home.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Just about ready to SOAR

I know its been like forever sense I posted. Well like usual summer and fall have gotten away from me. It seems like I have been running full speed for months now. Which of course I have. With college student in BSU's marching band to Jr. High student in choir to now a 5th grader learning to play basketball, not to mention teaching knitting classes and spinning up a storm.
One of the big reasons I have been tied up with things is I have been getting ready to SOAR. Also known as Spin Off Autumn Retreat. Now I know the New York Fiber Fair its the biggest fiber fair in the county if not the world, but when it comes to the biggest and best spinning event it has to be SOAR. Which I as so excited to say I will be attending in little more then a week. This year it will be held at SunRiver resort near Bend Oregon. I will be taking a three day class on spinning and designing lace, I will also be taking 4 three hour classes on plying, using a drum carder, American long draw and spinning for softness. Not to mention picking up some neat new fibers and maybe a spindle or two at the Spinners market. I will also be sitting in a booth spinning suri alpaca for a couple of hours.
So for the past few months I have been spinning and knitting to get ready to leave. At SOAR there is a gallery where you can display up to three items. I am planning on taking the scarf that was in the natural fibers contest that was in the current issue of Spin Off. I am also planning on taking the little purse that I knit and used the cast iron handles that my Hubby made for me. I am also taking a hat that I spun and knit up this summer.
One of the big projects that I did over the summer and fall was to knit a whole bunch of socks, my plan it so wear a different pair of hand knit socks each day at SOAR. I'm not sure if I will take a whole lot of hand knits as its not really that cold yet. Today it was in the 70's here in Boise and Bend is a lot like Boise so I'm thinking it will still be a bit warm for heavy wool sweaters, but we will see as the week goes on.
I am planning on leaving Sunday morning on the 25th. The retreat runs until the following Sunday. I plan to post (with pictures) some of the things I see and do. I most likely won't do that until I get back home. So stay tuned for updates to come.