Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Just a Civil War weekend

So this last weekend, well Thursday through Saturday the Idaho Civil War Volunteers went to Eagle Island State park for an encampment. On Thursday and Friday we invited area 5th grade classes to come out and see what it was like to live and fight during the Civil war. We had what I would guess some where in the neighborhood of 4200 people come through. On both Thursday and Friday it was very cold so cold that I could barely get my fingers to work. My part in the encampment is to teach people what it was like to make their own cloths and fabrics with the spinning wheel. On Thursday and Friday because we had about 3000 kids we had 10 minutes with each group so I would hold a tin cup of hot water to warm my fingers so that I could show them how my spinning wheel works. It was great fun but I have to say I am still a bit tired from the weekend. By the way I really like how this picture came out of me standing on a hill in the park. I edited out most of the modern parts, as you can see it was windy but I do look skinny don't I.