Thursday, June 28, 2007


Now I'm not a huge sock knitter per-say but once in a while I get in the mood to knit socks. Well I'm right in the middle of that feeling. So these are the first pair in this sock knitting mood. The yarn is Mountain Colors Mountain goat. I decided to try the toe up sock pattern that Cookie A. did on a episode of Knitty Gritty. You can find this pattern and many others at I usually don't like toe up socks because of the fit, but this pattern worked up rather fast and it also fits really nicely.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Back on Blossom Street Shawl

Well I was able to finish up my take on Alix's shawl from the new book Back on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber. This is the third one of these that I have made. One will be going to a mother for Christmas. I'm not tell which one as she will just have to wait. If you have not read this series of books, they are just a fun read. I was talking with a gal that reads all the time and she reads serious things. Well as a mother of two teen daughters and another one that thinks she is. I find it really fun to end my day reading some light hearted fiction. How about you. I really don't enjoy romance as a rule, I ready mostly mysteries, but I have found that some of Debbie's books are not so much romance but more about friendships. What is your favorite type of book to read and who are your favorite authors?
Now for the stats on the shawl. It about 32 inches long and 60 inches wide as its widest. I used Lorna's Laces lace weight mohair. I'm not sure the color way as its been in a ball for years. I'm sure it was dyed by Lorna herself, that's how long I have had the yarn in waiting in my stash.

Its just about time for Harry

Well its just about July and that means its just about time for Harry Potter. For those who are not into the whole Harry Potter thing, in July the 5th movies comes out and the 7th and final book. So in the spirit of things I have knit a couple of things from the new book Charmed Knits. Now if you really hate the idea of the Whole Harry Potter thing because of religious convictions, that's fine with me. We as a family really talked and prayed about and fell that its just fiction and if you look you can see some Christian lessons with in its pages. Anyway even if you don't like the idea of it all you might still want to check out the book Charmed Knits. There are several things that can be done in other colors so that they wouldn't look like they came from the book. There are a couple of sweaters that I really like and I might end up making at some point. I also love the cabled hat and mitten set.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I am a spoiled Brat!

I am a spoiled brat and I refuse treatment. OK so I"m not as spoiled as Paris Hilton but I'm not in jail either. But I am spoiled, especially by Bette my Secret Knitting Pal for this round. I received her box this afternoon and all I can say is WOW! She made this a lavender themed box and boy is it. First there was a lavender tea pot,( which I collect) lavender soap and candles and incense. Purple yarn to make the yarn from the pattern shown. A wild Fibers magazine. I have always wanted to get a subscription to Wild Fibers but haven't had the extra money as if yet. So its going to be great to read this issue while I'm at the YMCA exercising tonight. Last but not least Bette also sent the cutes sheep shawl pin that I just can't wait to wear with my shawl that will be added to my To Do list. Thanks so much for spoiling me so.
Speaking of shawls this is going to be the summer of the shawl. So far this year I have knit 3 and I have plans for 5 more, including this new purple one. I will talk a bit more about this coming shawl in future post, so be on the look out. I am beginning to work on Fair entries so be on the look out for those as well.

Its really hot outside so why not crochet a hat

Its hot outside so why not crochet a hat. Yes I know that doesn't really make a whole lot of sense, but when has that ever stopped me before. This pattern comes from the book crocheted accessories by Helen Ardley. I used handspun yarns. The fiber was Wensleydale. The green was some that I bought off of ebay a while back and the dark blue is some that I indego dyed last summer. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Bring on winter!

Look what came in the mail

Look what I got in the mail! Yes I received my bingo prize from a online party that I was at a couple of weeks ago. Its kind of hard to see, but the knitting needles are the coolest. The stoppers are beaded, but the best part is the dangling beads are really stitch markers that you can remove and use. I can't wait to try these needles out on the next dishcloth. Plus I have three new skeins of cotton yarn to chose from. Thanks Kim for the wonderful prize. If you would like to join in on the fun of the great email list its

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The latest Sweater

Today it reached the temperature of 100 degrees. So what do you think I did this afternoon in the heat? I finished up my latest sweater that's what. And yes it was a wool sweater at that. Well, to be honest it was a wool/cotton blend, but wool was involved. While at church this morning I finished knitting the last sleeve cap so when I got home and after I ate lunch I was able to sew in the sleeves and weave in the ends, add the collar and there you have it. The pattern comes from Marks& Kattens pattern number 02018. The yarn is called Bom-Ull and is sage green. I knit this up now for display at Knit Wits in Boise. This pattern will be a class in the fall. If you have not seen or more importantly felt this yarn you are in for a treat. It is just wonderful to knit with and has a nice feel to the fabric. Now I think I will look for some smaller projects to work on in this heat.

Friday, June 01, 2007

While I had the dye stuff out

While I had my dye stuff out. I decided to also dye some roving for another project that I have coming up. I have been asked to knit a Toque for my Father in Law and he wants one in blue. So instead of painting the roving I just made up a dye pot and this is the result. The picture looks like its light blue but really its more like a royal.

What do you do when its 90 degrees?

What do you do when its 90 degrees for the first time this year? Dye roving! I have a swap project coming up that I needed to get some roving ready for. The theme of the swap is Why I have Pride in my Country. So I decided to dye 8 ounces of Corridale that I picked up today at my local fiber store. If you have never painted roving I will talk you through it. This method will also work for yarn as well. As far as dyes go you can use Kool-aid, Easter egg dye, Wilton cake dye, or you can use acid dyes that can be found on web sites or catalogs. I suggest you start with a cheaper dye like Kool-aid. I dissolve the powder or paste in warm water before I begin to paint. I usually make a batch in a 32 ounce plastic bottle. I like to use Snapple bottles, because they have a large mouth.
Step 1: Soak your roving or yarn in warm water and about 1/4cup of white vinegar for about 30 minutes. Then lay the roving out in a top of new paper that has plastic wrap on top. Hint buy the best plastic wrap that you can find.

Step 2: Using a sponge pain brush place the dye in whatever pattern you chose. I chose to put navy blue on one end and a deep red on the other end, leaving the middle white.
Step 3: Tightly wrap the the roving in plastic wrap, making sure that there is no way that air can escape. I then place the log shaped bundle in a plastic dish, and then cook it in the microwave for about 10-15 minutes. You want to see that most of the dye has been absorbed into the roving.

Step 4: I let the roving cool. This can take several hours. For me this is the hardest part. I hate to wait.
Step 5: After the roving has cooled I then rinse the roving in cool water and place the roving in my washer at turn it on the final spin to remove as much water as I can. Then I hang it outside to dry.

My plan for this roving is to make a 2 ply and add a strand of glitter to the final plying process. I will let you know how it turns out.