Sunday, June 03, 2007

The latest Sweater

Today it reached the temperature of 100 degrees. So what do you think I did this afternoon in the heat? I finished up my latest sweater that's what. And yes it was a wool sweater at that. Well, to be honest it was a wool/cotton blend, but wool was involved. While at church this morning I finished knitting the last sleeve cap so when I got home and after I ate lunch I was able to sew in the sleeves and weave in the ends, add the collar and there you have it. The pattern comes from Marks& Kattens pattern number 02018. The yarn is called Bom-Ull and is sage green. I knit this up now for display at Knit Wits in Boise. This pattern will be a class in the fall. If you have not seen or more importantly felt this yarn you are in for a treat. It is just wonderful to knit with and has a nice feel to the fabric. Now I think I will look for some smaller projects to work on in this heat.

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