Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I did I just see a UFO?

Call me crazy but I have a plan. OK more like a goal!
I am now working on finishing all my UFO's ( unfinished objects).
For the past month or so I have been diligently working on getting everything off my needles, wheels, hooks, and looms.
What I want to do is get everything all done before school gets out so that I can start with new projects for the summer.
So far I have finished
a crocheted afghan, mini pillows to match.
My February ladies sweater
placing a zipper in hubby's sweater

Things to be finished
Lent scarf KAL
needlepoint seat cover
towels on the loom
gold knee high socks
cream alpaca/silk sweater
green lace weight yarn on spindle
multi color socks

I am really hoping to get this all done by May 20. That day I am leaving to teach at a fiber fair and I would like to go shopping for a new project to start.
So yes I have and will be busy for the next month or so.
Stay posted for progress and pictures.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Spring Break?

Well as I write this blog update its Sunday evening of my spring break. I have been off along with all the kids this past week. There are some really cool reasons to have a job at a public school. Spring break being one of them. So you might be asking your self what did she do or where did she go for spring break? Well sad to say I didn't go anywhere. With hubby being unemployed for 8 months there just wasn't money to travel to the other side of the valley let a lone some where warm. Happily hubby is now employed with a really good company. So while the kids and I stayed home he went off to work. So now you are asking what did I do for the week. Well I busted out as many UFO's ( unfinished objects) as I could. I am happy to say I was able to clean out my knitting, spinning and weaving bags. I am now down to just three things to finish up. My plan is to get them finished up in April so that I can start on something new. I have no idea what the new things will be. I'm not looking at pattern and I am also trying to not think about it until they are done.
This past week I was able to finish:
 a sweater for my hubby ( put the zipper in)
my February Ladies sweater
My spinning for my stash down ( see above)
get caught up on my Lent scarf KAL
weave some towels
make 2 bobbin lace books marks
Spin a skein of cashmere to replace a cowl I knit last year

So now I am down to finishing up an afghan and pillow that was start two years ago for Christmas. A needlepoint pillow and a second knee high sock.
So I guess you could say I really didn't have a break this week, but the good news is its spring anyway.