Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crown Mountain Fibers oh my!

So this year I was able to subscribe to a couple of fiber clubs and I thought I would talk a bit about them the first one is Spunky fiber club. Although its not really new to me as I have been getting the fiber for years and years. I do really love this one as I never know what I am going to get and I don't know what the colors will be. You can still sign up for it by googling spunk fiber club.

Again this year I was able to sign up and pay for the Fondle this fiber club. I really like this one because not only do you get the fiber but also a pattern for each month. So you get enough fiber to knit whatever the project is. I really love Susan's colorways. I think you can still also sign up for this one too. Google Fondle this fiber club and you can go from there.

The last one is Crown Mountain Fiber club. I met the owner of Crown Mountain at SOAR and just love now only their colorways but their attitude. So far I have loved everyone I have gotten. This one you will get 4 ounce of a different breed of sheep which is fun because some of the ones that are coming up are new to me.

As I complete the month's fibers I will post pic of them. So far I have spun but haven't knit the Fondle this for Jan. its a great pattern but I just haven't had the time to get all the knitting done. I am hopeful I can finish it this next week.

I have been able to spin both Jan. and Feb. Crown Mountain fibers. My plan is to knit socks with the yarn. Because the colorways are so cool I am thinking they will be basic vanilla socks, but we will see. I will post about them later.
I also am working on a fleece study. I have over 50 different wool and other fibers that I plan to work on throughout the year. So be on the lookout for both the fiber clubs and the fleece study.

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