Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year Goals

I really didn't wait until now to make up my 2010 goals. I made my list on Jan. 1 and I am happy to say I am still working on all of them. Now not all my goals are fiber related nor are they all self improvement either. So with out more a due here's the list in no particular order.

1. loose 40 pounds by summer. ( the real goal is to where a pair of capris I bought 5 years ago and have never been able to fit into, This is the year.)

2. Read through the Bible in a year. Daughters number 1 and 2 are also reading along with me and several ladies on Pacific NW Christian Needle Crafters which is an email group on Yahoo groups.

3. List a blessing each day.

4. Buy NO yarn. ( Yea I know that one sounds crazy but I really have so much that has been waiting for me to get to , so this is the year)

5. Attend at least one Fiber fair.

6. Open a Etsy store. ( I have some ideas in the works already so look for more on that )

7. Learn to use natural dyes

8. Try to grown cotton and flax. ( this one will be hard as I have no green thumb)

9. Create a sweater. ( more about this one is coming)

10. Knit a Christmas afghan and new ornaments for this years tree.

11. Spin a fleece study. More about this one later this week.

I usually try to stick to 10 goals for the year but this year is a bit different. I have some other things I want to do this year and will be coming in late weeks and months. One thing I want to do is make this blog more educational instead of like so many that drone on about what new yarn was bought or see what I have. So look for a bit of a different tone to this blog in the coming weeks and months. So that's about it for the goals of 2010. Can you believe its already mid Jan 2010.

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