Thursday, December 30, 2010

New sock yarn

I know I have talked about how great Spunky Eclectic fiber  of the month club is.
 I think I have been a member from the start. So for quite some time I have gotten some really cool fibers. December 2010 was no exception. This month was called David's gift and it was 4 oz. of super wash Corriedale. The color progression was really neat. They were very long and very earthy. David for those who don't know lives in Australia  so these colors really speak of the area. When I first saw it I knew it was destine to be socks. So what I did was split the roving down the middle and spin two separate bobbins of yarn. I then chain plied each bobbin to come up with about 300 yards of 3 ply which is great for long wearing socks.
I haven't decided on a pattern yet for the socks, but I am thinking about something lacey. I would love any ideas.

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