Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Do people really think?

I sometimes wonder if people really think, or has greed just taken over. I have been watching ebay as people have been bidding on vintage weave-it looms. On a normal day you should be able to pay anywhere from 5 to 10 dollars. But because Interweave press magazine Piecework has an article on the weavette looms. Everyone seems to be going crazy. They are now selling for over $200. Yes I did say dollars. Are you all crazy or do you think you can get your money back.This really isn't the way to save for retirement you know. I have been told that if I wait for a few months I will once again be able to pay near the 5 and 10 dollar range. So I will wait. Its like the Beanie babies all over again. In the mean time I visited a local antique store and found this today. Now its not a Donnor Weave-it loom but the idea is the same.
Along with the loom it came with the box, a pattern book, some squares already woven, 41 to be exact, extra yarn to sew them together. A letter letting the owner know that a certain color of wool was not longer available. The letter was dated March 31 1954
The bag of goodies were for sale for 8 dollars and it was even on sale so the final price was $6.29. yes six dollars and 29 cents. That's what everyone should be paying not $200. I'm just saying.

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