Sunday, July 02, 2006


Mittens have become my new favorite thing to knit. Here are a couple of sets that I have made recently. The grey ones are from my hand spun yarn. The yarn is wool, mohair and angora. The angora comes from rabbit we used to have a year or so ago. She was a beautiful bunny, but unfortuately a raccoon got near the cage one night and scared her to death. We sheared her about a week before she died and I have been saving the fiber for quite some time to make the perfect thing. The mitten pattern comes from Spin Off winter 2003. Even if you are not a spinner, you might want to check out this magazine as it has some great patterns that can be adapted to regular yarns. My second pair of mittens comes from left over lopi light yarns I had hanging around my stash, The pattern comes from the book Knit Mittens! By Robin Hansen. As a matter of fact, it's the cover set. I did have to change some of the color placement as I ran out of some of the colors. This mitten is not only cool, it does use up some of your left overs. I usually wear a black leather coat in the winter, so I think both these mittens will work great with it. Some days I can be calm and classy and others I can be loud and colorful.

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