Sunday, July 02, 2006

My favorite hand spun yarn....So far anyway

This is my favorite hand spun yarn that I have spun so far. I not only spun the yarn, but I hand dyed it also. I used little cups of colors that I have had . These dyes were given to me by a friend and I have not been able to fine them in stores or on the web. Anyway, I used green, yellow, purple, blue, pink and orange. When the roving was drying my family thought I was nuts for using so many colors. I kind of did myself I was afraid I had made a mistake. Well, I spun this 2 ply and am so happy with the result that I think I will add it to some other handspun that I have and make a sweater. Ain't it great when a mistake works out so well?


Sandi Waslov said...

This is a beatuful color, I really like it. What are you planning on making with this?

Sandi Waslov said...

I really like this color. What are you going to make with it? That was something that I always thought I would like to try was spin my own yarn. I've so many crafts that I like to do, I should just chose one and that's it.



Where fibers meet mud said...

Your spinning is gorgeous. I love the pink, blue, purple, orange... hand spun - I would fall in love with that in a NY minute. Beautiful work.

Melanie said...

As far a project for this yarn, I have been thinking of putting it with some other solds and making a sweater. I have some other fibers that I have done that will blend with it.