Sunday, July 09, 2006

Glitter spun

As I continue with the spinning tour, I'm having a to come up with different ideas to try in my spinning. A few months ago I was given a bag of weaving yarns from a friend of mine. In the bag was a spool of this really neat glitzy thread, way to thin to knit or crochet with but still really neat. Last night I was thinking before I fell alseep, that the glitter thread might look nice plied with some wool. So here is my results. The blue is cotswold dyed in denims and has a wpi of 12. The red is a wonderful wine color of corriedale with a wpi of 13. I did both with two plys of the wool and one of the glitter. The blue has about 55 yards and the wine 120 yards. I'm thinking I may enter the wine one in the fair, but we will see. I just can't make up my mind which novelty to enter.

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