Thursday, July 27, 2006

What's next!

I have been knitting for quite while for other people that I though it was high time that I made something for myself. So Thought it was time to give this pattern a try. I have had this in my collection for quite sometime, but have never gave it a go. I love to knit modular its great for when its really hot outside. The yarn is 100% Egyptian cotton and I would call the color hot pink. I did have to adjust the size a bit. The pattern calls for you to cast on 40 sts but I added 46, which makes the squares a bit bigger but not to large. I also am using a needle one size larger a 7 so that the fabric will be a bit lighter weight. I do plan for some growth as I wear this as cotton as a habit of doing that. If you like this pattern you can order if from . They have lots of wonderful patterns.

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