Friday, August 11, 2006

SOCKS, enough already!

Ok so I have become very addicted to blogs. I try to look at a few everyday. I have been noticing one big common dominator with knitting blogs. SOCKS. It seems everyone is knitting socks. Now I know its summer here in America and its hot and socks are a great summer project, but there are other things you can knit in summer. Case in point I just had to knit up the garderlac dishcloth today. If you have not come across this pattern you can find in at, Dave has a wonderful blog and you just have to try this pattern out. Now the pattern tell you to cast on very loosely. What I did was cast on over two size 7 needles. Once I had the 24 sts cast on I slipped out one needle and then continued on with the pattern. I used Sugar & Cream in the color Summer splash. It can sometime be tricky to use a variegated yarn and make it so there won't be any pooling. This as you can see works great.

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Dave said...

I really like how that cloth came out -- wonderful colours! And great idea about using a bigger needle for the cast-on :-)