Sunday, August 13, 2006

Fair! I think I'm ready

Well now that my FLAK is done that means its time for Fair. I really don't take competing at the Fair as a real big deal. My daughters are in 4H and we have to spend quite a bit of time there. In the past they have shown rabbits and cavys but as they are getting older they are finding it hard to commit that much time to showing. My oldest daughter will be starting High school this fall and is wrapped up in band. As a matter of fact she starts practice on Monday to get ready for football season. This year my oldest daughter will be showing knitted socks and a hat along with some hand spun yarn and some herbs. My middle daughter will be showing a knitted pillow and socks, hand spun yarn, tea bags and jerky and some frozen bread dough teddy bears. My youngest is still a cloverbud so she will be showing frozen bread dough also. A cloverbud is a child who is under the age of 8. They don't really compete they just show something they did over the year. My husband has also gotten in the act of showing things at the fair. This year he will be taking biscuits and snickerdoodles. He has won second place on his biscuits in the past and its looking to get the blue ribbon. He is also going to be showing a knife that he made. He has been learning the art of blacksmithing. As for me I
will be taking a few things. Ok a lot of things. Now I look at winning a bit different then other do. Its nice to win but if I don't its OK. As long as I loose to something better. Which in the past has not always bee the case. Anyway we as a family do it mostly for the fun of it. We usually use our prize money to eat dinner one night at the fair. This year however I think I will do pretty well as I have a few things I'm really proud of. First is my Steeked cardigan. It was a bit scary to cut up after I did all the knitting. Then there is my FLAK sweater, and my lace poncho. But I think the one area that I did some real improvement is in the hand spun yarns. First the 4 skeins that I'm entering I think are better then they have been in years past. I contributed that to the fact that I have a better wheel this year and I took a few spinning classes this spring. Also I made a crocheted purse and knitted mittens from my hand spun and I don't think you can tell they are hand spun. Its kind of hard to see but the purse is the light brown one and the mittens are the grey ones. So we will see how we do next week. We have to turn in all our stuff by Tuesday the 15th and then its judged on the 16th but I won't know how we did until Friday the 18th

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