Saturday, August 19, 2006

Machine Knit?

Ok so I have a funny fair story to share with you all. Yesterday the fair opened so my family and I headed down to see how we did on all our fair entries. I will talk about my ribbons and how we all did later but these mittens have a story to tell. While I was looking around at all the items, looking to see what I lost to or what I beat, there was this lady that was extremity upset. So much so that she went and got the suprervisor that is in charge of the Needle arts area. It turns out that she was upset because she just knew that these mittens were machine knit. She was so mad that she was screaming at her about how it wasn't fair and how there was no way that they where hand made. She was ranting and raving all over the area, along with her family. So much so she plans to write a letter to both the fair office and the local knitting guild. While she was doing all this my family and I were snickering. She didn't know I was the one who made them. Now the supervisor knew they were mine and didn't let the lady know so I'm grateful for that. But I would like to have told her that I don't even own a Knitting machine. Now here is the really funny part. I got third on the mittens. Go figure.


Allena said...

oh man that's crazy. how did she "know" they were machine knit? you did a good job btw!

Woven ~N~ Spun said...

Congrats on that third place and for keeping your chin up. Love how colorful they are. Can you share the pattern source?

Deb said...

Hi Nancy, Well you gave me a good laugh too. I have two knitting machines and I know how perfect the knitting no doubt your knitting is very even and the gauge right on. Without her even knowing it she gave you one of the biggest complements possible. So congrats on all her yelling about your beautiful work. Third prize.....not in my book...they are first in mine.

Rhonlynn said...

That's funny. I do own a Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine, but I packed it away, cause I prefer to hand knit anything. I'm thinking about unpacking it, casue it makes incredibly fast scarves, but I've never tried mittens. The mittens, look great, by the way, and should've been 1st.

Janey said...

Those mittens are beautiful! And worthy of first place!
I have the same question as woven~n~ spun: please can you share your pattern sorurce?

Continued happy knitting!

Janey said...

Just had another thought (hitting the Send button too fast is a bad habit of mine):
Perhaps the lady got fourth place with HER knitting?

-- Janey

Melanie said...

Thanks so much for your kind words these mittens were so much fun to knit. I used left over Lopi light yarns that I had hanging around the house. The pattern is the cover mitten from the book Knit Mittens! by Robin Hansen