Monday, August 28, 2006

In the Mail

What is better then getting mail addressed to you? Getting something fun in the mail. I spent most of Saturday teaching knitting classes so I was pretty tired when I got home to find two boxes. The first was this skein of yarn. It was part of a skein swap that I didn't some months back on an email group I'm on. Beth, the gal who spun this skein said she could not remember what type of wool it is but she dyed it with Kool-aid. I'm not sure what I will knit with it, so for now I will put in a basket with other yarns and just look at it. The second box was the September fiber-of-the -month. Amy calls this "cool rain" and boy do we need that here in Idaho. It has been one hot summer and I have to admit I'm ready for fall. I will be looking forward to some cool temps and even some rain. The fiber is South African Fine. I have not felt or used this fiber before. It somewhat feels like merno but it doesn't have the sponginess. Which I don't care for anyway. I'm really looking forward to giving this a try.

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