Monday, August 28, 2006

How I did at the fair

Well the fair is over and school has started. We all did really well this year. My husband made his first knife and got third place. He lost to a Roman metal costume. My oldest daughter got second place with a hat she knit. It lost to a full sweater. I also did somewhat well. I got second place on two sweaters. They both lost to machine knit ones so I don't feel to badly about it. I did get a few blue ribbons. My FLAK cabled sweater got first place and also the Best knit item from the local knitting guild. That came with a $50 dollar gift certificate to the Craft warehouse. I also got a first place on a skein of alpaca that I spun and a pair of socks I knit. All told I won $73 in prize money and another $75 in gift certificates. Yes I did get a $25 one for the mittens that the lady thought were machine knit. Which I think is pretty funny as there were two sweaters that were machine knit but neither were mine as I don't own a knitting machine. I went to the Craft warehouse on Friday to spend my prize money and I was there over an hour. My plan was to get one of those rice baskets, but they didn't have anymore. So then I thought I would buy a book, but there weren't any I wanted. I usually buy my next big project with some of my prize money but I have already got the supplies for that. I plan to spin, and then knit a gansey. So I have decide to put most of the cash money on the spinning wheel, and I bought $50 worth of Sugar and cream yarns for dishcloths. I haven't decided what I will buy with the $25 dollar gift card. Its for a very exclusive yarn shop in Boise. I'm thinking of getting another set of Lantern Moon rosewood dps, but we will see. All in all I entered 18 things and got 18 ribbons. I won 6 blues ribbons, 10 red and 2 red, one best of division ( for a miniature teddy bear) and two best of awards from the Local Knitting guild. So I'm much closer to totally owning my Schacht wheel and I'm ready for dischloth KAL's. I do plan to work for the Best in Needlearts award next year. The gal who won that entered over 25 things so I best get busy.

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