Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Modular Top finished on to other things

Well I was able to finish my modular top this evening. The color in the picture is a bit misleading. Its really a hot pink not red. It was lots of fun to knit and it will be a nice top for summer as I think the cotton will be cool. If you have never tried to knit modular I do suggest that you weave in the ends as you go. It saved me lots of time weaving in the ends. I did however go back and we've in some more as cotton has a tendency to work its way out. I did think the top was a bit short in the body and if I were to make it again I would most likely make the tunic length. But sense I used 100% cotton I think as I wear it, it may get a bit longer. My next project is to finish my other two projects that have been waiting for me to get back to. I have been knitting for other people for so long that I have had to put my own projects aside. Well I plan to enter my FLAK sweater in the Fair later this month so need to get that done. I have to turn it in on the 15th. So I just have 13 days to finish. I don't think that will be a problem as I just have to finish the body. As you may remember this was a sweater I started on Jan. 1 from the top down. I have had such fun working on this and I can't wait for cooler temps so that I can wear it. My other project is a simple top down sweater. I have had this one sitting in my car, I have been working on it as I wait for traffic or to pick up one of my kids from some activity. This one is in pinks and will be very similar to the lime green one I made early this year. After these two projects I have nothing on the plate. I will be teaching a simple cable sweater at the yarn shop I work at but that will not be until Sept. So I figure I can start to look around for a project soon. You know the next project is always the favorite.

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Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

You've done a wonderful job knitting your new top. Also, the fiber in the post below is just lucious!

Have a wonderful week!