Friday, July 13, 2007

Still on a sock kick- two more pair

Well I know I have said before that I'm not a big sock knitter. Well I think my opinion has changed some what, well Ok its changed a lot. Think there are three factors in my change of mind. First, I have a complete set of Rosewood dps from Reynolds, they are the 5 1/2 inch size and I have to say I just love working with them. I have sizes 0 -5. I have a set of Lantern moon too but the Reynolds are so much better so if you are looking for a great set of needles for socks you might want to check them out.
Secondly socks are so portable. I have been able to pack my socks around where ever I go. The pattern is so easy to memorize that I don't need to carry a pattern so that also helps.
Third. Its so hot here in Idaho this summer so far that it has been great to knit on something that I don't have to have sitting on my lap.

So now I will talk a bit about these socks. The first pair I knit for a Harry Potter socks swap. I have to say they were so much fun to knit. What I did was look through my stash and choose the colors for the Ravenclaw house,( my partners favorite colors). In these socks there is wool, cotton, angora, mohair, silk and even some eyelash for texture. My partner just loved them and even more importantly they fit perfectly.
My second pair is my first attempt at knitting with self striping yarns. I knit them on size 1 needles so I could see if the needles would bend. If you have ever knit with size 1 bamboo you know they well bend way out of shape. Well the rosewoods didn't. I have to say that the fabric is rather firm too. I think its at 8 sts to the inch. I chose a fall color way as I am hopeful that cooler temps will be coming soon. Well one can dream. So now what am I working on. Another pair of socks of course. But I will talk about that later.

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