Monday, July 02, 2007

Christmas in July

Yes its already July I can hardly believe that the year is half over already. Well when July comes around thoughts of Christmas come to mind. Now I would be totally lying if I said in July I start working on Christmas gifts and then get them all done with plenty of time to spare. I do think about Christmas gifts durning the month of July but I usually don't do much about it until November or even December. Well this year is a bit different. You see I have had these Christmas buttons for about 6 years. Most of my yarn stash its as old as these buttons are. The picture does show the snowman all that well, but there is a reindeer, Christmas tree, and present and then a snowman. This is the first project that I have ever knit that I did the sweater around the buttons. I am well known to wear a cardigan for a couple of years before I finally decided on the right buttons. So this time I thought I would do things a bit backwards. I had the buttons before I started the sweater. Of course I used a top down cardigan from . The yarn is a wool/angora blend from Berrocco called pleasure. This yarn is no longer being made so it would be really hard to find. This yarn was also a recycle. I had made a sweater from this year a few years back when I was much much larger, so I knew I would have plenty for this one. The color in the picture is not the same in real life its more of a dark red instead of a bright one.I think it will be great to wear over a cute Christmas mock turtle neck .

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