Friday, July 13, 2007

So why did I start to knit

Ok so I have been asked " why I started to knit", well I have been crocheting for about 20 years. I taught myself to crochet on a car trip from Oregon to Idaho,which is a 10 hour trip. I decided to learn to crochet as a way of making gifts for family that would be less expensive. Well after crocheting for years I began to find more knitting patterns that I liked than crochet ones. Plus if you have ever crocheted a sweater then you know how heavy they are. By the way knitting takes about 30 % less yarn then crochet. So I decided to take a class through a community ed. program. Our first project were these little slippers. Well I made one and totally hated it so I never did finish the other one. So instead I made this little romper for my then 3 month old daughter, She is now just about 9. I take this romper to my beginning knitting classes to show what not to do. There are twisted stitches, the seams are terrible and it was for a size 6 month old and my daughter wore it until she was 4. Oh the lessons in knitting.

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Miss Me said...

it looks like a very nice first project! the fact that your daughter got lots of wear out of it is a definite plus. i'm moving in the other direction - toward crochet, but maybe not sweaters given you weight comments. : )