Monday, July 02, 2007

One among thousands

Yes I am one among thousands that began work on the mystery stole 3 project this last week. When I signed up for this , which was the second day that it was sign ups were beginning, who knew that so many people all over the world would join in. Right now there are over 3 thousand people working on this same stole. It took me a couple of weeks to decided on what color to use. Melanie suggested that either black or white would be best, but that this stole would not be a good idea for a bride. Well having no clue as to what this stole will look like I played it safe and when with Knit Picks lace weight blank. This yarn is designed to be dyed but I decided to keep it the natural cream. This stole as and added bonus. Beads. You think it was hard to pick what color yarn to use. The beads were a nightmare. I when to the bead store down the street three times to look at beads. When I did buy the beads I still came home with three different colors, I just couldn't make up my mind. That my friends is why I'm not a beader. Any way after several swatches it took my daughter to say "yes mom those are the right ones" for me to choose an antique cream seed bead.

Now as for the knitting the pattern can be found at a yahoo group called mysterystole3. Each Friday there will be posted a part of the pattern to work on. Be warned that the email list is huge so huge that I had to go to special notices because I just couldn't keep up with all the email. Anyway I have so far found that Melanie ( the designer) has done a wonderful job with the pattern, I have not had any problems following along with the chart. I can't wait for Friday to see what comes next.

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