Wednesday, July 25, 2007

felting oh what fun

I really enjoy felting but it has been a long time sense I have made something to felt. Last weekend I taught a class on needle felting and I thought I would knit up and then needle felt the sheep on this bag. The pattern comes from Fiber Trends. When I felt, or I should say the correct term is fulling. When you knit a object and then wash it to make it smaller its called fulling. When you use roving or wool bats and wash it to shrink it its called felting. Anyway when I knit a bag, hat or any other item that I want to full I love to use Renyolds Lopi or Lope lite. It is the very best for felting. So the blue is lopi and the sheep is made from some roving that I have in my stash. I really love this bag mostly because of the pockets. There are two on the sides and then two on the front and back. This bag fits just perfect between the seats in my car so that I can have knitting with me while I wait at lights or in traffic.


Carissa said...

The bag look great! I have a few bags that I hope to get made soon!

knitalot3 said...

That is an adorable bag!

Deb said...

That is so great! Thank you for your descriptions of fulling and felting too. I wondered about that.