Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Snake River Fiber Festival - stash enhancement

Well I could not attend a Fiber Festival with out a little bit of stash enhancement, now could I. I don't feel a bit bad about all the money I spent either. I asked for money for my birthday and for mother's day. So I had a good bit of money to spend. I course I could have spent so much more but I did have a limit. I'm happy to say I did return with some money. 56 cents. But look at all the goodies I got. The sheep buttons and the figure came from Hartwells booth. If you just have to have some for yourself you can find them at http://auser77444.websitewizard.com/. I now need to spin up some yarn to make a cardigan for the buttons. The picture of the roving is all that I picked up to spin I didn't buy any yarn this time. The two balls of roving pictured in the lower right corner come from the Fiber addict. The right blue and pink ball is one that I have been looking at for about two years. I just love the colors so I thought it was time to get it. The second is a color way that I don't normally look for. But this one was a colorway that we used in the spinning class that I took, so right after class I stopped by Marri's booth and picked it up. Its from Mountain colors and I just love the way it spun up. In my class I used the Navajo playing method so I think I will do the same with this one, when I get to it. The other funny thing is, if you look closely there are two balls of roving that are just about the same color. I bought each one on different days and didn't realize it until I got home and was unpacking them. The one still in the plastic bag is from Greensleeves spindles and it has all kinds of glitter in it. Now let me talk about the two balls of roving below. I was able to meet up with a couple of Internet friends. Yes it was a good meeting and they are who they say they are. When I go to a fiber type festival, the first thing I do is walk around and look at everything, then I go back to and look at the stuff that caught my eye. Well would you believe on the second pass at looking at every thing I met up with Spinnderella her self. Lynn is such a sweet person and it was so much fun to meet her. Plus her rovings were just wonderful. I bought the bright pink one just because it was so pretty. I usually don't go for that color but its just wonderful. The other one is so neat, it has olive green, lime green, pink. purple and all those in between. I can't wait to give each of this a try. But I must confess the rovings in the tall plastic jar will most likely just look lovely in my yarn room for quite a while.

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Theresa said...

Wow, lots of neat stuff. Thanks for letting us enjoy the festival vicariously!