Thursday, May 10, 2007

Back on Blossom Street

If you love a good read and haven't read the books A good yarn and The shop on Blossom street, then you have missed out. If you have read them then you know that Back on Blossom Street in now in print. Yea! Now I don't normally read romance stories but these books are different. They are more relational. For me I usually read mysteries. But Debbie Macomber has a great talent to tell a store about women and they relationships that they have with other women. My girls that take my knitting classes every week have read the books and have decided that we are the ladies of Blossom street. So next month we as a group will be reading the book and knitting the shawl patterns. This one is the main pattern in the book. It was really fun to knit up but I did have to do some figuring. The designer some times makes things clear as mud. To start off it didn't tell how much yarn to use and what size need to use. So after a couple of attempts I was able to knit this green one up. I used Lion Brand woolease that I had in my stash, I wanted to figure out about how much yarn I would need. This one took about 500 yards on a size 10 needle. Its 26 inches long and 58 inches wide at the top. Of course I could have made it longer but I was shooting for a shoulder length one this time. After you figure out what yarn and size needle to use the pattern is really quite easy. The other shawl that I have started is made with Lorna's Laces Heaven and the color way is water colors, I'm using a size 7 needle. I don't know how many yards I have in the ball so it will be as long as the yarn permits. My girls are also planning to knit the basic shawl that is also in the book, we are going to donate them to a shelter for abused women during the holidays.

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