Thursday, May 10, 2007

Number 13

Well I just counted all of my top down sweaters. This is number 13. I do have to say that I have made more then that, these 13 are mine. I have over the years made some for other people but I must confess that I knit mostly for myself. This one is special as I dyed the roving then spun the yarn. It usually takes me about a week to knit one up. This one took about 2 and half months. Of course most of that time was spent spinning. I have never spun a three ply before. The fiber is BFL and it was a dream to spin. I purchased the roving from Woodland Wool Works. I then used Dylon dyes to paint the rovings. The 3ply is about a 13 wpi. I knit the sweater with a size 9 needle. I did make this one a bit over sized. My plan is to wear this one more as a coat this next winter. I like to wear a heavy sweater instead of a coat on cold days. Enjoy!

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Carissa said...

Oh, how pretty! I love the colors! I could use a new sweater myself for the winter.