Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Practicing what I have learned.

Now that I am back from the Snake River Fiber Festival, its been time to practice some of what I learned. First let me talk about the ball of yarn that my hand is showing the yarn. This is the May fiber of the month from Spunky Fibers. If you have not signed up for this, its a must in my book. For $15 a month you will receive from 2 oz 0 4oz of a fiber that is hand dyed. This month Amy King did a bit of a departure. The colorway is called Nightshade the fiber is 4 ounces of Coopwoth. Amy usually dyes bright colors so this one was a surprised. I love it. Its kind of hard to see but there are shades of blue, green purple and browns along with black. I have about 230 yards. My plan is to make socks. I will get started on them when the weather gets a bit hotter here.
My second skein is some wool, I can't remember what, that I hand dyed. I took about 10 hanks of roving to the festival to sell and this is one that did sell so I decided to spin it up. I use the havajo plying method, I have known how to do this for a long time but have never done much with it. I'm really happy with the result. I think I will try this on a larger project in the near future.

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Denise said...

I especially love that nightshade yarn, Melanie. Just beautiful.