Thursday, May 10, 2007

Don't you hate computer problems?

Don't you just hate computer problems? I have not been able to update my blog, email or even read through my email for a while as I have been having some issues with my computer. So I need to catch up on things that have been going on around here. Even though my computer is going at a snails pace I have not. I have been able to get lots of knitting and spinning done. But before I talk about all of that I want to share with you my latest box of goodies from my SKP 10. I did get this box last week. So the chocolate is now all gone, but it was good. The glass sheep are just the cutest and they now sit on my bedside table. Also the sock yarn is really nice. I think this is beginning to be a sign that I need to knit more socks then I usually do. On average I only knit maybe one or two pair a year. Thanks so much to me SKP10.

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