Wednesday, May 30, 2007

May mid-moth KAL

I have been having some issues with my computer so I have not been able to add pictures to my blog until today. Here is my version of the monthly dishcloth KAL for May. I love this pattern, but of course I say that for everyone we have done so far. I used Sugar and Cream and color is swimming pool. There has been some talk about what to do with all the dishcloths we have been making. I have mine in a large bag in my yarn room. With three daughters there seems to always be a birthday party to attend so my girls know that they can go pick a cloth or two and then grab a lotion, soap or any other bath products that are in out linen cupboard to make up a quick gift. Also at Christmas my husband is always looking for small gifts to give out to the ladies at work so I have a supply for him already to go with out having to stress out about making something up.

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