Monday, February 19, 2007

What I did this president's weekend

President's weekend is known for its big sales and great deal on shopping. Well instead of heading to the mall I went with a couple of my girl friends to a Spin-In. We went on Sunday to a small town about an hour away from Boise called Crouch. Now I have been there one other time but years and years ago. This first picture shows what the scenery looks like outside the community center where we were. Crouch it located in a small valley on the other side of the foothills of Boise. Even though its in the mountain you can see that there is very little snow on the ground. At this time of year there should be all kinds of snow on the ground. I know that other places back east are just covered in snow we in Idaho are once again in the middle of a drought. Anyway its was a wonderful to look at the snow on the mountains on the raining Sunday.
There were about 25 spinners, knitters and weavers that attended this Spin-in. One of my girlfriends is just learning to spin so I think she was able to practice and learn some more to help her improve her skills. Of course every time I sit down to spin I learn something new. I was pretty excited because I was able to try out my wheel cart, for my schacht wheel for the first time. I have to tell you if you own a matchless wheel then its well worth the $54 to buy the wheel cart attachment. It was so much easier to get my wheel from the car to the building. Above was the wool that I brought to spin. I wanted to bring something fairly easy to spin because I know I would be distracted watching everyone else. Which I was. I bought this roving last year at the Snake River Fiber Festival in Idaho Falls. The roving comes from Notlwork Spings in Cornish Utah. I paid $8 for 8 ounces. On the bobbin has a little less then 4 ounces and the roving pictured is 4ounces. My plan is to use this yarn, which I will make into a 2 ply, for fingerless gloves/hunters mittens for my husband. I really like how the three brown tones are blending together to make a type of tweed.
Of course when you are around other spinners at a spin-in there is always something to buy. I was able to meet up with my other friend Merri who owns the Fiber Addict ( which you can find the link to her web site on the side bar). I had planned to pick up some fiber from her so I sent in an order to pick up. All the rovings cost me about $42. Each ball is 4 ounces. The pink is a hand dyed Angora,silk, cashmere blend that is 25 grams, but boy is it soft. There was another vendor there where I picked up some fire star in 4 colorways, greens, purples, tropical and reds. I also picked up some white to dye later along with some roving to match. I just love with things match. I also picked up some red Angelia to add to some hand dyed roving that I have in my stash. The orange yarns were part of a white elephant gift that I got at the spin -in. Along with the yarn I got a loaf of home baked wheat bread, and a box of chocolates and a flour sack tea towel. All in all even though the day was grey and rainy. My friends and I had so much fun. I learned some more on my path to become a better spinner, we all picked up some nice fibers and was inspired to make some future projects. I will talk with you later about a mobious idea I have and some hand painted roving I want to make. There was a gal there that had the neatest scarf in a very cool colorway that I plan to copy some time soon. So stay tuned..

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Carissa said...

It sounds like you had a great time! What pretty rovings/fiber came home with you!