Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Spring is coming some time

I know in many parts of the US there is more snow then you would want to ever see again. But here in Idaho we have very little snow and the temps are very mild. As a matter of fact we will be in the 50's all week. I even have some tulips and daffodils coming up already. So thoughts of Spring and Summer are coming to mind. So I thought I would get started on some Spring projects. I saw this pattern a couple of years ago and just fell in love with it. This tank comes from the book Cool Crochet. I had some different colors of cotton yarn on cones in my stash so I thought I would use it. However the yarn is on huge cones so I can only work on the tank while in my bedroom watching TV. I really don't want to pack around all the cones when I want to work on it. I did change the pattern some. Instead of crocheting the front and back then sewing it together I decided to make it in the round. I do this by adding and then doubling what my beginning chains are supposed to be. For example if the pattern calls for me to chain 100 for the the back I chain 200 and then join in the round. I will then continue working in the round until I reach the place for the arm shaping. At that point I will separate the front from the back and just work one side at a time until its complete. That way it saves me on sewing the pieces together.

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