Tuesday, February 27, 2007

One skein wonders

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time,then you know I love to knit and collect great patterns. Well this weekend I bought the neatest book. Called One skein wonders . If you have not seen this book I highly recommend it. There are 101 different patterns that use only one skien of yarn. I bought the book so I could hopefully use up some of my hand spun yarns. There are patterns for hats, bags, shawls, and a how bunch more. In the picture I made a pain of fingerless mits. They worked up really fast and only took about 100 yards. I used some hand spun black with glitter spun in. They are great. I have found that they work great when my hands are cold while I spin. I'm working on some more yarn with glitter in it. I think these will make great gifts for next Christmas. Yes I am talking Christmas already. Yikes.


Leah said...

I agree this is a great book, especially for using handspun.

I actually have a sock pattern published (my first) on page 114.

I thought you would like to know there is more where that is coming from. They are going to publish a second version of this book as the first one turned out so great. The submission deadline for new designs was a few weeks ago and I submitted two socks and a handwarmer design. I am not sure when the second book will be out yet, but know it will be worth waiting for.

Melanie said...

Wow that's gret news I was hoping they would make another one. To bad I missed the deadline I have a few patterns I designed that would be great for that type of books. Oh well maybe next time.