Monday, February 19, 2007

Comfort Spinning

Friends of mine on an email list that I belong to were talking about comfort spinning a few weeks ago and that owned by Cary Smith was the best comfort fiber there is. Well that must be proven! So when she offered some bumps for sale I just had to order a few. Well as you can see in the picture I haven't spun them up yet but I can tell you that they are might nice and I just know they will be a comfort to spin. So I think I will added them to my stash until I need a little bit of comfort in my day.


Theresa said...

Hi, I'm the one that thinks Cary's wool is comfort spinning! :o) It is wonderfu...just feels good and nearly spins itself! I enjoyed all your updates as I haven't been blog surfing for awhile.

Melanie said...

Thereasa, I couldn't agree more. There is nothing better then being able to stop and spin some wonderful fiber for a few minutes after a busy day.