Saturday, January 06, 2007

the Shawl

A little known fact about me is... I love to knit shawls. I almost never wear them but they are so fun to knit. This is a perfect example of a wonderful pattern for a shawl. It comes from Fiber Trends and is called the Landscape shawl or scarf. Yes you can either make a shawl or a scarf. I have made this before a few year ago and it has just the right amount of challenge to it. I'm not a real big lace wearer so this one isn't to lacy for me. Each band has a different texture to it. The first being garder, then seed, then stockinette,then moss then finally reverse stockinette. Another great feature of this pattern is that you can use just about any weight of yarn you would like. Anything from fingering to worsted weight. This particular shawl was made with three balls of Gallaway in white. I did have a friend knit this with a multi colored yarns and in my opinion it didn't look as nice as a sold. Some times when you use a variegated yarn you loose the textured of the piece. In this case the texture is what makes the shawl, so I would highly recommend a sold color. I have made this shawl with Mountain colors mountain goat and it turned out just as nice.


Dipsy Doodle said...

This shawl is amazingly beautiful! Like you, I would so love to knit more of them, but I hardly ever do because there's just so few occasions to wear them. But they make perfect gifts! Great work!

Dipsy D.

Denise said...

The shawl is just beautiful, Melanie. Great job.