Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Borah Scarf

It seems everyone I run into has been making a ruffle scarf,or potato ship whatever you want to call it. So not to be out done. I had to make myself one,too. I mean what I kind of band wagon jumper would I be if I didn't. Now As you look at this scarf you might be thinking Oh boy she is a Green Bay fan. Nope. My daughter goes to Borah High School in Boise Idaho and their colors are green and gold. So I'm a Borah band booster instead. I once again chose to use an acrylic yarn and when with Caron's Simply Soft in hunter green and gold. That way when my daughter sole it to wear at a game it could easily be washed. I have designed this pattern myself. The big difference is I made a rather long scarf then folded it over and crocheted the cast on edge together. IF you do not know how to crochet you can always sew it together. I like how this one turned out. I think by sewing it together it makes the ruffles stand out more. Its more like a boa. Below is the pattern my final length is 46 inches long but if you wanted to make it longer I would suggest you cast on 20 to 30 more stitches,but keep in mind you will need more yarn then I have listed.
The Borah Scarf 1 ball of simply soft in hunter green or about 200 yards of a worsted weight yarn
1 ball of simply soft in golden yellow or about 150 yards of a worsted weight yarn
Size 11 32 inch circular needle
Size K crochet hook
Cast on using the crochet cast on 180 using hunter green
Row 1: knit across
Row 2: inc in each stitch across.
Row 3 -5 knit across
Row 6 Knit across
Row 7: changing to yellow knit across
Row 8: inc in each stitch across.
Row 9: changing to green knit across
Row 10: inc in each stitch across
Row 11-12: changing to yellow knit across.
Bind off.
Fold scarf in half and with K hook sc in each of the cast on stitches. End and weave in all ends.

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