Monday, January 15, 2007

My goals for the New Year!

Every year I try to start the year with some goals. I hate to call them reslultions becasue they are more like goals. SO this year is not different. My lofe goals are as follows:

My general life goals
1. read through the Bible in one year- so far so good I'm doing it through the Quick study plan ( a TV show I watch on the NRB network).
2. Read a non- fiction book a month. ( I love reading but its not every often that its not a mystery) Right now I'm reading Battle Field of the mind by Joyce Meyers.
3. Loose 40 pounds by my birthday. In late April So far I have lost 8 pounds.
4. right a praise list everyday. (I bought a journal calendar at Christmas time that is for this purpose).
As for my knitting/spinning goals
1. Working on improving my spinning skills. More even singles and then ply's, and better yarns with fine fibers.
2. make a gansey
3. keep up with my projects. I don't work well if I have several going at once.
4. Keep up and finish all the Kal from the Monthly dishclolth list on Yahoo groups.

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