Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Steeking yes you can do it!

Steeking Yes you can do it and not pass out in fear. If you are not familiar with this technique its where you knit a sweater totally in the round then you cut up the center to make a cardigan. Yes cut it up! This little sweater is a class sample that I finished today. During the month of February I will be teaching a class on this technique. SO if you are in the Boise area during the month of Feb. Give Knit Wits a call and sign up. This little project has a two fold purpose. Not only will the students learn to steek, but we will then put our mini sweaters on teddy bears and then donate them to the local police department. Then they will be given out to children that are in crisis. Now for a little bit more information on the sweater. I used some lopi lite that I had. Then once the sweater was all knit, using a sewing machine I sewed four seams. Then I cut down the middle of the four seams. The next thing I did was fold over the edge and sew it down, then I picked up in the purple and knit the edging. After my class does this two week class we will then start in on a full sized sweater, but this time we will add color work as well.

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