Saturday, December 09, 2006

Picture Perfect

Well, this whole process has been quite fun and I'm thrilled with the final results. My youngest daughter said it not only looks like the yarn in the picture but it is the yarn. It come in at 20 WPI and 325 in yards. The picture shows it to be a bit brighter then it really is. I really like the tweed effect instead of Navaho plying so that the colors stay with each other. I like the subtle changes in colors, but that is my preference it doesn't have to be yours. The big lesson I learn here was that if you can't find what you want make it happen. I know I have come across some really nice hand dyed rovings on eBay that were only an ounce or two, not really enough to make something with. So now I think I will try to copy them myself.

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Guinifer said...

Wow! That's stunnning!