Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Another Top down Sweater only smaller

Boy do I love the to down sweater patterns. Can you tell. I'm not sure how many I have made over the years but I never get tired of them. This is the latest. This time I made the bulky weight one. Which is so fast to knit on. I think it took me a little less then a week to make. But of course I was using a size 11 needle. The yarn was one of my favorites Cascade Eco Wool. This is just a great yarn to work with. The price is very good. Around 16 dollars for 478 yards. I used a cream, medium grey and then a dark grey. The really neat thing about this sweater is when I finished it I thought oh great its to small, I will have to wait to wear it, until I loose a little bit more weight. But no.... Its fits just great. Which of course makes it even better.

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Paula said...

Just dropped by to visit your blog. I love topdown sweaters. I gave up on the Landscape shawl. Forest Canopy is the only shawl I ever finished. Thanks again for being a great secret pal.