Monday, September 24, 2007

My next big project

Well its time to start to think about my next big project. Well let me confess I have been thinking of if for awhile. One of my knitting students has a copy of Spin Off's Sock special that came out a few years ago. So She has been looking through it and wants to make these socks. We have in the past worked on the same project together, so I said sure, but I want to spin the fiber. So I have been thinking about this for a couple of months. I told my friend that I was planning a trip to a fiber fair and I would look for fiber to spin. I looked through my stash and found that I only really have hand paints no real solids. So I wanted see if I could fine some really neat bright colored solids while I was in Salt Lake for the Great Basin fiber fair. Well as you can see I have found a few. The pattern calls for 109 yards of a fingering weight in 6 different colors. I bought 2 oz of 8 different colors so I'm thinking I will have plenty for the socks. So keep you eye out for more details to come. I need to go now and clean and oil my wheel.

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