Thursday, September 20, 2007

Have you monkeyed yet?

So the question of the day is ....
Have you monkeyed yet? Or in other words have you knit a pair of Cookie A. Monkey socks yet? I have to say this is my second pair in as many weeks. This is a really fun pattern to knit and they really do knit up fast. I just jitterbug and size 2.25 needles. The really cool part was I had no idea that this colorway would strip like it did. You sure couldn't tell from the hank. I was am to get the majority of these socks done on my road trip to Salt Lake. I wasn't sure if I would have enough yarn so I cut back to five repeats instead of the 6 the pattern calls for. I was able to get both sock knit with a little bit left over to maybe make some mini socks for Christmas ornaments. Like I will get those done this year. Oh well. By the way you can find the pattern free on line at or just google monkey socks and you will find the link.

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Joanne said...

I haven't monkeyed yet, but they look like great socks, I am off to knitty.