Tuesday, March 27, 2007

spinning with a little bit of glitter

Spinning with a little bit of glitter is a beautiful thing. These four skeins are all single plys that I added some specialty manufactured yarns too. The two multi colored skeins are a wool singles that I spun and then plyed with some Rowan Kid silk haze that I had left over from some other project. The two solid skeins are plied with glitter. The grey lavender color one is a wool silk blend. The pink skein is a blend of camel, silk and angora. If you are a spinner you might try plying some of your left over yarns with some hand spun singles. The one thing to keep in mind is spin your single S as in clockwise and then ply them Z. The reason for this is most professionally spun yarns are spun that way so that when you put the two together they will join the proper way.

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