Friday, March 30, 2007

Favorite Yarn and most disliked yarns

have your ever thought about what your favorite yarn is? Well the question has been posed to me and boy did I have to think about it. I think it might be easier to say what yarn or yarns I don't like. Although my husband says there isn't a yarn I don't like. which I guess it true. But there are some that I would rather not use but if that was all there is then I would still knit or crochet with them. On that list would have to be Red Heart anything. Now years ago I only used Red Heart but over the past few years I have learned better. When I teach a knitting class about fibers and yarns I explain that acrylic yarns are made from plastic so think about walking around with a plastic bag on your body. Not fun.
Now when it comes to my favorite the answer to that question is ... It all depends on what I'm making. I love the the colors of Sugar and Cream for dishcloths. I love lopi and Lopi lite for anything felted. Now when it comes to sweater yarn that is a more tough question to answer. I usually tell people that my favorite yarn is the one I'm working on at the moment. Some of my favorite wools are Galway from Renyolds, Lonestar from Alchemy, Ecco Wool from Cascade, and I really do love to knit with my hand spun. I'm not realy fond of Ella Rae or Cascade 220 because I have made sweater from them and they pill something terrible. I also really enjoy any and all of the Elisbeth Levold yarns. Right now I'm working with Berroco's Ultra Alpaca which is 50/50 blend of wool and alpaca. I also have some Bomull from Marks&Kattens that is a 50/50 blend of wool and cotton, that I have waiting for me to get to.
So you can see I really don't have a very favorite but a few. The big problem is there are so many nice yarns out there to buy that as any good yarn collector will tell you that there is so many yarns and so little time.


Carissa said...

I have to agree with you! I love most any yarn, but would rather not knit with some, like acrylic. But I do use them when I am knitting for kids whose parents probably don't want to hand wash.

Anne said...

I'm with the two of you! It's impossible to choose a favorite unless you know what it is you're going to be making. There are some amazing yarns I've seen, but without a project home, they couldn't really be a 'favorite', could they?

I don't even think that I really have a least favorite, now that I think of it.. for every yarn there is a project! :)