Saturday, November 18, 2006

Yea new books and new projects

Yea I love new knitting books. I picked up Victorian Lace Today, today at the yarn shop. I was going to wait until after Christmas but once I saw it today it just jumped into my knitting bag demanding to come home. As a rule I don't buy a book unless it has 3 patterns that I want to make. Well I think there are only 2 that I don't want to make. One of the first will be the shawl on the cover. The hat pattern comes from a Renyolds whiskey pattern book that I have had for a couple of weeks I have begun this hat. I hoping to wear it when I go Christmas carroling in Dec. The thing is a normal hat usually has about 80 stitches for the brim. This one has 168 so it will take a while but so far its quite fun to do.

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Leslie Shelor said...

I love the title; sounds like a terrific book!